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The area that is now Raynham was settled in 1639 as a part of Taunton, was founded by Elizabeth Poole, the first woman to found a town in America. In 1652, bog iron was found along the Two Mile (Forge) River. Soonafter, the Taunton Iron Works was established by residents. It was the first successful iron works established in what was then Plymouth Colony, and operated from 1656 to 1876.[2] It however, was not the “First Iron Works in America”, as proclaimed on the Town’s official seal, having been predated by iron at Saugus, and Braintree. The success of the Taunton Iron Works however, would lead to the establishement of other iron works throughout colonies.
The eastern end of Taunton was separated from that town and incorporated as Raynham (named for the English town of Raynham in County of Norfolk, England) on April 2, 1731. Many ships’ hulls were built along the Taunton River in Raynham, which were sailed down the river towards Fall River and Narragansett Bay for final fittings. The town also had other small manufacturing industries, but for the most part it was, and still is, known for its rural and agrarian base.[3]>Source: Wikipedia

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